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Australia’s agricultural industries are among the most sophisticated, highly mechanised and environmentally aware in the world. If there is one thing its farmers know how to do it is to grow high quality produce. The Australian nut industry has developed in this competitive, globally-focussed environment. Key features of the industry include:


In-season nuts – all year round


A key driver in Australia’s export success is the ability to provide reliable and premium quality supply in the northern hemisphere off-season. The Australian crop is timed perfectly to supply northern hemisphere markets for the critical Christmas trade, a shipping schedule that challenges northern hemisphere competitors. The benefit for the international nut trade and consumers is that they now have access to a ready supply of the freshest nuts all year round.


Export focussed


Australian farmers have a reputation for being among the most efficient and advanced in the world. Due to our relatively small population, Australian farmers are acutely aware of the need for and needs of export markets, and the importance of supplying reliable lines of high quality product. Our highly skilled growers have concentrated on refining their ability to supply premium product to buyers around the world.


World class horticultural skills


Our growers have developed horticultural skills that have put them at the forefront of the world for nut yields per hectare and quality, something that is recognised by growers around the world. The Australian nut industry is quick to adopt the very latest innovations and practices in production.  Pecan and almond growers from traditional growing countries such as the USA regularly visit Australia to learn Australian techniques. The Australian macadamia industry provides research and development information to the rest of the world.


Investment in research and development


Investment in research and development across the sector is significant, and our industry is a world leader in nutrition, biological controls, harvesting and post-harvest handling. We are constantly improving the understanding and practice of growing high quality nuts in Australian conditions.


The nut industries were one of the first sectors of horticulture to take advantage of the Australian Government R&D and marketing levy models and has been an active partner with the various horticulture RDCs such as HRDC, AHC, HAL and now HIAL.


This partnership has assisted the rapid growth in productivity and export earnings that has characterised the nut industry over the last decade.


Clean and green


Consumers today are much more demanding than in the past when it comes to the environmental credentials of the food they eat.


Australia is an island nation surrounded by oceans that act as natural barriers to some of the most troublesome and costly pests and diseases that affect nut crops in other countries. This is a powerful marketing point of difference.


Many growers apply integrated pesticide management techniques in their orchards as a way of maximising the use of natural controls such as beneficial insects, thus limiting pest and disease damage and minimising pesticide use. Some orchards are even certified organic.


Top quality from top growers and processors


Australian walnut growers are producing some the best quality walnuts in the world from relatively cool growing areas. Australian chestnuts are highly regarded for their flavour and quality appeal; Australian macadamias have developed a reputation in Asia for premium taste and quality, and demand from buyers for Australian almonds, walnuts and pecans is high because of their reputation for excellent taste and quality.


Australian processors too have developed using the highest standards and investing the latest in technology and infrastructure, such as fully automated cracking and shelling machines, electronic and near-infra-red sorting and grading, x-ray scanning, robotic packing, automated and climate-controlled warehousing with lot-tracking, and an increasing adoption of state-of-the-art treatment systems for micro-bacteriological control.


Industry cohesion


Each of Australia’s tree nut industries has a strong, well-organised industry association which supports its growers in providing technical advice and funding research and marketing. All have a focus on ensuring customer satisfaction and delivering exceptional value for money by expanding horticultural skills and the market both domestically and overseas.


The seven local tree nut industries come together under the Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC). Through ANIC the nut industries work together, sharing resources, experience and ideas to promote the benefits of Australian-grown nuts.

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More information is available on each of the Australian tree nut industries and their associations websites below.

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